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Slender Man Chapter 1: Alone 7.03

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Slender Man Chapter 1: Alone is a 3D survival horror videogame developed by Digital Code Works. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game is based upon the famous Slender Man creepypasta, an urban legend that spread across the Internet and has created a whole new Universe around this mysterious character. Slender Man is a creature often described as a tall, thin figure wearing a dark suit. The most disturbing characteristic of this character is that he has no face.

This app is a simplified version of the popular PC game, but it preserves the same objective: collect all eight pages and escape alive. Controls are simple and responsive; you have to control your character’s direction with a virtual pad placed on the left hand of the screen, you can rotate the camera by dragging your finger across the right side of the screen.

Don’t Look at Him

Slender Man Chapter 1: Alone honors the title. The game starts with your character left alone in the middle of the Phoenix highway. It’s late at night and there’s nothing around you but a dense forest and the road. You will soon notice that you are not completely alone there. After picking up a strange note, a presence will start following you, stalking from afar. It seems harmless, but whatever you do, don´t look at him.

Slender Man is a creature often described as a tall, thin figure wearing a dark suit

Early gameplay is easy as long as you don’t get lost. Slender Man is barely a threat until you collect enough notes. He will start stalking right after you pick the first one, but all you have to do is turn around and walk away from him when he appears. The scenario is linear at first, as you can only follow the road. However, there are open areas and apparently abandoned houses that you can explore. Some notes are placed at dead ends, and the worst thing that can happen to you is turning around after picking the note and facing the Slender Man, so watch out when walking through corridors or enclosed areas. You can survive a few seconds if he’s not close enough, but if you look at him directly, it’s over.

Slender Man Chapter 1: Alone 7.03 Features

Here you can check out the features of this title before you download it:

  • Make your way through a creepy, fully 3D setting that immerses you into the dark world of the Slender Man
  • Move your character accurately thanks to the smooth touch controls
  • A huge map full of places to explore such as an abandoned house or a dense forest
  • Increasing difficulty: the more notes you collect, the harder it gets
  • Scary soundtrack and sound effects when Slender Man appears

If you are interested in this title and need further information before you download the app, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: iOS 4.3 or later/ Android 2.0.1 or later
  • Hard disk: 53.1 MB of free space for iOS/ 41 MB of free space for Android


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