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Facebook gets into the instant messaging software career with this application for Android and iOS. Get the Facebook chat and expand it to your whole phone agenda. You don’t need to use the social network to start chatting

with friends and family; just install it onto your mobile device and connect with all your contacts.

Facebook Messenger offers a bunch of tools for instant communication such as voice messages, free phone calls and the possibility of creating groups of people to organize your conversations. Even if you are Facebook user, its possible to check your messages without getting into the website. Facebook Messenger is the new message tool for everyone.

Multiple stickers to enhance your message
Multiple stickers to enhance your message

How to use

Facebook Messenger was released in 2011 to compete with other messaging programs as WhatsApp and trying to grow their share of the texting market. Quite quickly the program became a software by itself, and now it doesn’t needs Facebook to work. It is possible to subscribe just using a name and a phone number.

Facebook Messenger was released on 2011 to compete with other messaging programs such as WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger has a period system of updates that confer it new abilities and features to satisfy users. Now the software is able to make phone calls and substitutes your text messaging client to send your text messages. The chat options were recently completed with animated stickers and the possibility to create friend groups and make plans on the go.

The interface is really good and looks very nice. It requires the last Java Runtime Environment installed in our devices to run, so save some space for it. With the last improvements Facebook, Messenger has encountered several different operational problems, but developers have promised to fix these as soon as possible and for all.

Facebook Messenger Features

Check the new features on Facebook Messenger:

  • Check your Facebook messages without opening it
  • Create groups and plans
  • Multiple stickers to enhance your messages
  • Private photo support
  • Chat while using other apps
  • Send texts to your phone contacts even if they are not your Facebook friends
  • Voice messages
  • Share your location
  • Free calls with your friends and even to other countries
  • Check when people have seen your msg
  • Silence notifications while you are sleeping or working...
  • ...or stay logged in and never miss a thing

For more information about Facebook Messenger, after downloading, please check developer’s website .


System Requirements

Check Facebook Messenger's minimum system requirements before downloading onto your mobile device:

For iOS

  • Operating system: 6.0 or later
  • Hard Drive: 28.6 MB free

The software is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Facebook Messenger is compatible with Android, but it’s size and requirements varies with the device.

  • You don’t need Facebook to use it
  • It is simple and does what promised
  • No cost for downloading
  • No video calls
  • It still has some bugs


facebook messanger is a new application where you can chat with friends

By Rock Raymond

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Facebook is an application which was started back in the year 2011.The aim was to communicate with people allover the continents.It was also to compete with the current messaging programes like watsapp.I have used faacebook for almost the last three years and I like it much for it efficience when communicating.One does not need to go to the website to communicate since you can subscribe and be getting updates from friends and also replying their comments.Facebook has offered many people chances to communicate with tools such as free phone calls,voice messages and also people creates their own groups where they communicate with members only while non-members cannot see what is going on.Facebook has also developed multiple stickers which has enabled the users to enhance their messages.One can also send their photos to their friends using facebook which is a quiker method according to my observations.For the time I have used facebook,I have liked it more because its messanger is compatible with Android.


  • One can use even with no internet.
  • It enables one to make free calls with friends.
  • It is easy to check when people have seen your messages.


  • One cannot make video call using facebook.
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